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Bessie Gray Memorial United Methodist Church 


  In 1860 preaching services were first held in what is now Caribou. The first Sunday School was organized in 1864. Before 1884 a parsonage was built. In 1885-86 the first Church was built.  The same year the parsonage was sold. Prior to 1891 a second parsonage was built. Church membership stood at 99.

 May 4, 1913 a new Church had been completed and was Dedicated. The old Church buildings as well  as the old parsonage were sold.  The new parsonage next door to the Church had been ready for occupancy in 1912. The new Church was given a clock which has been a land mark in Caribou ever since.

 The Church with its varied study groups  Church School classes, Circles of the United Methodist Women, United Methodist Men, Methodist Youth Fellowship and others continue to do the task of being the Church so ably began 149 years ago. 






Past Ministers of Gray Memorial United Methodist Church


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